It’s Time To Unleash Your Inner Social Media Maverick (Don’t Be Scared, It’s Practically Painless).


Let’s dive headfirst into the chaotic world of social media marketing, where algorithms are finicky, trends change faster than a chameleon on caffeine, and hashtags can make or break your online presence. But fear not, brave entrepreneur, I have a cauldron of unorthodox tricks that’ll help you stand out amidst the digital noise.


Memeify Your Message

Move over, corporate jargon! The era of sterile, boardroom-esque content is as passé as flip phones (are they back in fashion? Point me to the nearest Carphone Warehouse). It’s time to embrace the meme culture. Sprinkle a dash of humour, a dollop of pop culture, and a spoonful of relatability onto your posts. Who said you can’t make a witty pun while promoting your latest product? Just remember, the key is relevancy – don’t force a meme that’s more outdated than your Buffy The Vampire Slayer videos.



Ditch the Schedule, Embrace Spontaneity 

Social media schedules are like New Year’s resolutions – everyone makes them, but who’s really sticking to them? (Not me!). Instead of meticulously planning every post down to the second, give spontaneous posting a whirl. Heard a trending topic that fits your brand? Post about it! Found a funny-looking cloud that weirdly resembles your logo? Snap a pic and share the whimsy. Authenticity trumps rigidity, every time.


Collaborate like a Social Butterfly

I know, the thought makes you want to dry heave. But imagine this: you, mingling with other businesses like the smooth talker you secretly are. Collaborations are the holy grail of organic reach. Team up with a fellow entrepreneur for a live stream Q&A, a hilarious duet video, or a joint giveaway extravaganza. It’s like a playdate for grown-ups, minus the Fruit Shoots and scraped knees. Your audience gets fresh content, and you get exposed to a whole new bunch of potential customers. 


Behind-the-Scenes Shenanigans

People love peering behind the curtain. So why not let them in on your business’s quirks and the “oops, we didn’t mean for that to happen” moments? Show them the human side of your brand. Did the office plant just become your unofficial mascot? Is your cat doing an apprenticeship? Share it! Just remember, endearing chaos gets you points; actual chaos, not so much.


Feedback Feeding Frenzy

Your business feeds off customers, so why not let them steer the social media ship once in a while? Conduct polls, surveys, and quizzes to get their insights. You’d be amazed at the amount of innovation that can sprout from the fertile grounds of user-generated ideas. Plus, it makes your audience feel valued and involved – like the integral part of your business they truly are.




So, there you have it, you’re already a social media maverick in the making! Your journey to digital domination doesn’t have to follow the same old, tired path. Break some rules, have some fun, and let your brand’s personality shine like a disco ball. 


Remember, social media is like a conversation in your local coffee shop – sometimes you’re sharing your achievements, other times you’re cracking jokes, and occasionally you’re just there to listen while drinking mediocre coffee and scoffing cake. So go forth, embrace the unconventional, and conquer social media with your unapologetically amazing business. 


Time-poor and Desperate for Help?

If you’d like someone else to implement the above social media strategies, you’re in luck, because that’s what I do. Take a look at my packages, talk to your cat about it, then get in touch for a chat. I work with businesses all over the UK from my Cumbria base